One of television’s most successful comic actor’s Bob Newhart, stars as Dick Loudon - writer of How-To-books, host of his own television show, and majordomo of a Vermont country inn. As an average guy surrounded by life’s peculiarities, it’s a role tailor-made for Newhart’s extraordinary comic talents.

Mary Frann stars as Janna Loudon, who has joined her husband in the pursuit of the American Dream. When the Loudons purchased their country inn, it came with George Utley, a dependably daft handyman played with perfect comic timing by Tom Poston.

The country inn’s housekeeper, played by Julia Duffy, is a spoiled rich girl trying with limited success to understand how the other half lives. Peter Scolari portrays her boyfriend, the producer of Dick’s television show, a perfectly self-centered product of the ‘Me’ decade.

Adding to the local color are Larry, Darryl and Darryl - three brothers with two names - who occupy a rung of their own on the evolutionary ladder.

‘Newhart is America reflected in a cracked mirror. The understanding timing and befuddled double-takes of Bob Newhart resonate wonderfully off the crazy characters and comic situations of each episode. This series is a classic!

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