Here are the names of some of the books I have used to compile most of the data available on this site.

That book from Brooks and Marsh is a must-have for all TV fans out there. It is the best book about TV shows. It is better than Alex McNeil's book : Total Television (which is also available on CD-ROM). I think that it is worth every cent (it costs about 25 USD). 

McNeil's book is very good too and includes informations about daytime TV shows too.



I have also used the following books : 

1996 Information Please Entertainment Almanac

1997 A&E entertainment Almanac

1998 A&E entertainment Almanac

1999 Wall Street Journal Almanac

Recent sources for the last few years : website.

To compile my rankings I have mostly used the Brooks/Marsh book for the complete list of Top-30 shows then gave 30 points for a 1st place finish in the year end rankings, 29 points for a 2nd place and so on down to 1 point for a 30th rank.


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Last Updated : July 26, 2002